In a world where birth is often portrayed through sensationalized images or clinical depictions, Kelly’s work brings forth a refreshing authenticity. Her photographs tell stories of courage, resilience, and the profound love that permeates the birthing room. Each frame is a testament to her commitment to preserving the sanctity of the birthing experience, ensuring that families can revisit these moments with a sense of awe and gratitude.

Kelly has been a silent witness to the miracle of life since 2012. Armed with her camera and an unwavering passion for preserving the raw beauty of childbirth, Kelly has become a renowned name in the field, etching her mark on over 170 births and counting. Kelly sees each birth as a unique narrative that deserves to be documented with sensitivity and artistry. Her presence is unobtrusive yet reassuring, creating a space where expectant parents feel comfortable sharing one of the most intimate moments of their lives. This trust is the foundation of Kelly’s success, allowing her to capture authentic emotions and genuine connections during the birthing process.

Kelly’s work has not only resonated with the families she’s documented but has also been recognized by the industry. Multiple awards adorn her collection, a testament to her exceptional talent and commitment to the craft. Her photographs stand as poignant reminders of the strength, vulnerability, and beauty that define the birthing experience.

With two children of her own (yes, she had a birth photographer) and an incredible husband, this role of birth photographer certainly keeps her family on their toes. Births occur any time of the day or night, whisking Kelly away from family events, and personal special occasions, she’s dedicated to being there for you.