About me professionally

I have a huge passion for story telling and photography. Adding them both together brings me such joy that I just can’t wait to help people tell their story.

What better story to tell than birth? It’s got it all, passion, drama, intrigue, high stakes and a huge gratifying payoff at the end when that beautiful baby is handed to you. Cue the happy tears. Every single time.

While I’m a university-trained photographer with nearly twenty years professional experience, I’ve also been a birth photographer for nearly a decade. While most birth photographers have a handful of births under their belt, I have countless memories of birthing suites and operating theatres all across Melbourne.

I’ve developed amazing relationships with a huge number of obstetricians, midwives and hospital staff all over Melbourne, giving me privileged access to areas many can’t get.

About me personally

I’m a mother of two beautiful little girls (yes I had a birth photographer present) and wife to an amazing husband. While work keeps me nourished, my family is my soul and spending time with them is what keeps me sane. Well them, and a healthy dose of gym and rosé in equal measures.