About birth photography?

Your baby has grown within you; you’ve felt the movements, kicks and spins from the first tiny bump and as they grow your love for them grows. You can’t wait to meet your new baby and finally hold them in your arms, and that moment of that very first glimpse of your baby is indescribable. It’s just simply beyond words. But it’s definitely possible to capture the emotion and wonder of those moments with great photography. That’s my job as a birth photographer and my absolute passion.

Birth photography is about capturing the precious moments that you expect, but perhaps even moreso also the unexpected. Birth is often insular and focused for Mums while simultaneously emotionally stressful for partners and the photographs of the whole process reveal so much power, strength, care, love and joy. Each birth is absolutely unique and a true once in a lifetime moment. It’s my absolute pleasure to be able to freeze those precious moments and present them to you afterwards.

My style of birth photography is documentary in nature. Unobtrusive and hidden away, I capture the moments without undue movement and distraction, ensuring that you and your partner are 100% in the moment. No need for your partner to focus on taking photos with their phone, they can focus on providing you the support you need during labour.