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Common Questions

Below are answers to the most common questions please ask me during our initial conversations, however if you have anything that isn’t covered below, you’d like further clarification, or if you’re ready to book, please do get in contact as I’d love to chat with you about birth photography.

What IS birth photography?2019-08-09T13:09:15+10:00

Birth photography at it’s most simple, professionally capturing the story of your baby’s entrance into the world. Captureing the love and support during the anxious beginning, the strength and power of active labor and the joy and elation of the arrival. Documenting the unadulterated love and joy of Mum and Dad as they experience one of the happiest, and most important, moments of their lives.

A professional birth photographer sits unobtrusively in the shadows capturing the memories with professional equipment and experience, giving Mum peace of mind that everything is being tastefully and artfully captured, and Dad the comfort to focus entirely on the important role of providing support.

What is included?2019-08-09T13:13:00+10:00

While I have a number of individual packages which can be selected from, every birth captured includes:

  • a pre-shoot consultation to get to know each other. This is where you share your birth plans, discuss what you want your birth photography to capture (and anything you don’t want to capture), and I will share how I work. The goal is for everyone to be completely comfortable.
  • Your photographer is on-call from 37-weeks through to babies arrival (specific circumstances for early labour risks are always taken into account, please discuss with me if you expect any complications or issues),
  • An emotion-filled viewing session where you will be presented your images about a week or so after your babies arrival, and
  • All of your birth images on USB.

You can look at our individual service offerings via our early hoursbirth photography and birth journey pages.

Will I get to meet you before birth?2019-08-09T13:25:04+10:00

Absolutely! I wouldn’t have it any other way. The key to birth photography is regular and effective communication to ensure not only comfort, but also so that everyone understands the ongoing pregnancy issues which may effect timing (early labour, ceasarean risks, etc.).

However during our initial conversation we will chat and get to know each other, discuss your birth plan, and go over any other concerns you may have with your birth photography experience. The last thing I want is for you to feel like you have a ‘stranger’ photographing your birth and my goal is always to ensure that there is complete comfort. That includes for Mum, partner, obstetrician, midwives, etc.  Fantastic communication between all parties is so very important for well before birth given how chaotic things can be once it all starts. No two births are alike!

When will you arrive and how long will you stay?2019-08-09T13:26:39+10:00

Generally, I arrive when you are 5-6cm dilated and progress is underway. However, since every birth is different this varies quite a bit and communication before and during labour is important.

If I feel that there is any reason that may contribute to missing the birth, I always side with arriving sooner rather than later. Once I am at your birth I typically will remain there until 1-2 hours after your baby is born (although it has been much longer in the past depending on circumstances) to capture all the beautiful moments such as bonding time, meeting siblings, etc.

When should I expect to see all the images from my birth story?2019-08-09T13:49:04+10:00

About 1-3 weeks after your baby is born (depending mostly if you opt for a newborn shoot as well), we will sit down together and view the images from your birth story.

It is during this time that I will help guide you in selecting prints and products that best suit your specific needs (if applicable), design your album, etc. However, before that time I will share a sneak peek (or two) for you to share with family and friends to announce the arrival of your new bundle of joy!

Do you offer payment plans?2019-08-10T20:36:01+10:00

Yes, I do! I feel that every Mum has the right to have wonderful images of their birth experience however I understand the costs involved with having a baby so interest-free payment plans are something we do offer. Please contact me for further information.

Do you offer maternity and/or newborn photography too?2019-08-10T20:35:47+10:00

Yes and yes! I love being able to photograph my clients through the transitions of pregnancy, plus it really helps tell the story so much better.

You can explore this option more on this site via the Birth Journey page or if you’re just interested in maternity and/or newborn photography you can see more of my maternity and newborn work over at

When should I book you to photograph my birth?2019-08-09T13:53:35+10:00

To make sure that I am available for your birth it is best that you book me sooner rather than later. In your first trimester is best.

Don’t leave it, as we very rarely have last-minute vacancies (but Early Hours is always an option!)

Since births typically occur at any time between 37-42 weeks (and maybe even earlier), I am very limited in the amount I can schedule in any given month. Taking on too many clients would mean risking being at a birth when another client goes into labour and that’s something I just won’t accept. I’m here for you after all!

Contact me to at least start the conversation as soon as you’re interested. I regularly have women contact me while they are just trying to get pregnant so you can’t be too early.

How do I book you for my birth story?2019-08-09T13:55:10+10:00

The first step is for us to talk on the phone, so scheduling a call by contacting me via our contact form is typically best, but you can try calling the studio and seeing if I’m available on 9509 4093.

What happens if I have a caesarean?2019-08-09T13:57:56+10:00

Caesareans aren’t the end of the world for birth photography. I have an excellent relationship with a large number of obstetricians, midwives and hospital nursing staff and as such I’m often able to attend planned caesareans. It’s important to discuss this with your hospital staff and obstetrician well ahead of time however. I can help you in how to start this conversation and often just saying you’re planning to use Kelly Jordan is enough to allow it depending on the hospital/obstetrician.

While it’s highly unlikely that I would be able to attend an emergency caesarean, we would still capture labouring, and I give crash instructions to your partner on how to use my camera in auto-mode, allowing them to capture images in the theatre. I remain on hand to capture post-birth images post-recovery, skin-to-skin and of course all the after shots of siblings/family meeting the baby.

What happens if you miss our birth?2019-08-09T13:59:10+10:00

Missing a birth is my biggest fear and it’s something I put stringent measures in place to avoid. But given the unexpected nature of births and how quickly they can occur, sometimes it happens if baby is in an exceptionally big hurry or I’m notified late in all the commotion (communication is key!).

In the event this occurs however, there is always ample time to capture those first moments after birth, recovery time, skin-to-skin, first feeds, all the lovely meetings with siblings and family, and so many more beautiful moments.

I’d love to be able to provide guarantees but your obstetrician can’t do that, and neither can we – that’s just birth. I do only accept a handful of births every month and spread the due dates of my clients out throughout the month in order to keep the possibility of overlap exceptionally low. That may mean that I’m unable to accept you as a client if you’re coming late in your journey so booking early is highly recommended.

What equipment will you use?2019-08-09T14:00:32+10:00

I use high-level professional gear focused on low-light photography.

The vast majority of births occur in the depths of night in my experience and focusing on low-light photography has proven to be the best path to outstanding images.

Absolutely no flash is used ever as it’s highly inappropriate in a birth setting to my professional consideration. My job is to be unobtrusive and capture your journey in a documentary style, not be inserting myself into the action.

I carry redundant camera bodies, have sufficient batteries available and utilise dual memory cards to ensure the safety of your precious once-in-a-lifetime photographs, in addition to robust backup processes once I’m back in the studio. The last thing I want to occur is missing anything due to not being prepared.

How graphic are the photographs?2019-08-09T14:03:03+10:00

I capture images in a documentary style, only presenting images in black and white which enhances the drama and emotion whilst simultaneously removing some of the graphic nature of birth. My role is to provide you with a record of the story of your unique birth and I focus on capturing exactly that.

We will discuss your wishes in terms of capturing your full body and only present crowning images or shots of that nature if that is of particular interest to you. It’s your story and I’m more than happy to tell it how you wish.

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