Early hours photography

What is Early Hours Photography?

Early hours hospital photography is similar to birth photography in that your photographer is on call waiting the arrival of your gorgeous baby, but without being present for your birth.

Instead of capturing labour and birth, your photographer will capture the moments after babys arrival such as skin-to-skin, Mum and Dad bonding with baby and the always gorgeous moments of first meetings with siblings and family.

Less posed and more spontaneous than traditional newborn photography, early hours photography captures beautiful details and of course the powerful emotions of those first hours together. These moments are generally captured on the maternity suite floor, rather than birth suites, or perhaps you are already safely at home.

If birth photography is not your cup of tea, but you still want to capture the beautiful first meeting of siblings and extended family, this package creates the most opportunity to hold those precious memories tight.

Your Early Hours collection includes

  • Photographer on-call from 37-weeks until babies arrival,
  • For when birth photography isn’t for you
  • Your family captured within the first 48 hours of delivery – earliest daylight hours possible
  • Your photographs presented in a secure online gallery, ready for you to download, love and share.
  • Images provided in curated gallery of black and white, and colour

Your package has 2 payments of just $750, total Early Hours cost $1500

What about ‘Fresh 48’?

Fresh 48 is a term regularly used for capturing your baby within the first 48 hours. While it’s still possible to capture beautiful images in this timeframe, in all likelihood any siblings may have already met the new baby, grandparents and wider family have visited and a huge number of those “firsts” will already have occurred. We work with you by being on call and being there as quickly as possible (during the daylight hours if your birth occurs during the night). Let us know as soon as labour is happening, and we will be ready.

Each birth is thankfully entirely different and helps define the individual birth story of your precious baby, so sometimes this 48 hour timeframe is unavoidable, however we ensure that we are “on-call” and actively moving our bookings around in your on-call window rather than just fitting you in within a set timeframe to ensure we can capture those most important moments. We can help you to get organised with family to bring in older siblings and capture that first moment of meeting.

The idea is to capture once in a lifetime smiles and those spontaneous moments that can never be repeated.

What about Newborn Photography?

Newborn photography is typically very different in nature, and is created in an entirely different format and pricing structure.

Regardless of your preference for our beautiful studio style newborn session (captured in your home or our studio) or a docutmenary lifestyle session in your home, they are both extremely different from what you’ll get immediately following babies arrival. Either option, the family will be photographed along with your newest addition, with a more styled approach.

Early hours (or birth) photography pairs beautifully with newborn photography and I adore working with my clients to create striking and memorable stories with multiple types of shoots throughout their pregnancy journey. If early hours and birth aren’t for you, and you would rather capture a traditional newborn session, you can view my newborn photography website at Kelly Jordan Photography for additional ideas on capturing your growing family.