We have been providing Melbourne with beautiful artwork photography with a specialty in family portraiture, maternity and newborn photography since 2003. In addition, since 2011 we have been providing our exclusive clientele with our own style of birth photography which focuses on capturing the moments that are so easily forgotten in the time of high stress, hormones and chaos, but are so amazing to reflect on.

We highly encourage those who are curious to call us to understand our method and hear some of the stories from our many many happy customers, or you can read more about our process here.

“Every birth is different, with experiences going from calm to chaotic, dark and quiet to bright and loud, sometimes all in the one intense experience, but each and every birth is unique. As much as mothers feel like it’s an experience they will remember forever, the event of childbirth is not indelible and being able to recall the experience months and years later with powerful and personal imagery is incredibly compelling and I’m blessed to be able to assist with that.”

– Kelly Jordan

Birth is the most intense event any of us will ever experience and we understand the importance of having those around you that you trust. With this in mind, we wouldn’t dream of taking on a client if the feeling of trust and respect wasn’t there from day one, so our entire process is designed around building the trust required to ensure the moment can be captured without being awkward or unnatural.


  1. Meet with Kelly and get to know each other. If there is a genuine connection and rapport then we can proceed to step 2.
  2. Discuss timing of your birth, location, situation, expectations and other professionals (partners, midwives, doulas, obstetricians, etc.), who will be present during your little ones arrival and ensure all are comfortable.
  3. Ensure that the expected arrival of your little one fits in our schedule. We are dedicated to ensuring that we can capture your arrival and strive to ensure we are not overbooked during any one period. If we are unable to fit you into our schedule, we are more than happy to refer to you colleagues who may.
  4. Keep in contact as the big day approaches. We understand all too well that births seldom go exactly to plan and keeping in contact as we get closer to the date ensures surprises are kept to a minimum for everyone.
  5. Kelly is on call as your big date approaches, and once you go into labour, contact us to let us know things are in progress, then again once you are admitted to hospital or enter “active birth”.
  6. Kelly joins you for the big reveal, taking care to stay out of the limelight and in the background, capturing the occasion in low light and unobtrusively.
  7. When convenient for you (typically within a few weeks), Kelly comes to you to provide a slideshow of the experience and the images captured, and talk through exactly how best to represent your beautiful newborn’s arrival in artwork.
  8. We develop your artwork to your specifications and deliver you a finished product that you will cherish for years to come.



Sarah Jane
No words can ever articulate just how much these images mean to us. We will cherish these images and moments for the rest of our lives. Thank you for opening my eyes to the possibility of birth photography and creating art.

Birth is daunting enough without the thought of it being recorded for posterity, but I love the idea of creating art from such an important moment in our lives so I met with researched it and found Kelly. On meeting Kelly there was an instant connection and I was put right at ease and that, amazingly, continued all the way through our experiences together. I never noticed her in the birthing suite and the finished images are just awe inspiring, both from what the human body can accomplish to the way Kelly can capture the moment so perfectly. Thank you Kelly! 



Let’s Get In Touch

Birth photography is an intimate and personal subject and no matter how much you read and research, a phone call is going to be the best way to have your questions answered.

More Info

Location: Caulfield North 3161
(by appointment only)
Telephone: 03 9509 4093
Email: info@kellyjordanphotography.com.au

Given the personal nature of birth photography, we strongly encourage a phone consultation to understand the process as well as get to know each other better. Being comfortable is so very important in such an intimate setting.