Birth Journey

What is a Birth Journey?

Every single pregnancy is a journey from the joy of finding out about a budding pregnancy, through to the eventual arrival of a beautiful baby. Capturing the key parts of this journey professionally across maternity, birth and through gorgeous early newborn stages is such a beautiful thing to have.

Each distinct phase of birth is beautiful. Stunning and feminine maternity where the hope and love glows from within. Labour and birth where the emotion and power of motherhood is on full display. Finally, the celebration of your expanded family is made complete with the capture of stunning newborn photography.

Why capture everything?

The ability to create a story that is unique to your family and specifically to your baby is an amazing treasure trove of memories. Letting us create an heirloom album which documents each and every step through your pregnancy and the arrival of your baby is something you will treasure forever.

What our clients say

“Kelly was amazing throughout our journey from the pregnancy photos, birth photos, newborn photos, to 1st birthday photos.

She is so easy to communicate with and very flexible. She was not only a photographer at our birth, but a great support person. She understands everything to do with babies very well, and didn’t make a fuss at all when our newborn pooped all over her nice chair during the photo shoot.

Kelly offered excellent advice when it comes to choosing the photos to put in the album, and the design of it.

We had a great experience with her overall. If we ever decide on a second one, we will surely be contacting Kelly!”

– Hilda

Flip through a Birth Journey album and see for yourself