“Why on earth would we want a complete stranger there taking photos?”

That most common response my clients report hearing from their partner when they broach the topic of having a professional birth photographer. It’s not surprising I guess since typically the impetus for birth photography comes from the Mum-to-be and Dad’s take longer to come around. Dad’s tend to have a very different perspective on birth.

I feel it might be helpful to some to understand the initial attitudes of some past clients to birth photography and contrast that with their ideas of birth photography after having a photographer present in their delivery suite.

“I didn’t even realise Kelly was there. She’s like a ninja!”


One of my first birth client’s Anthony, changed his mind wholeheartedly and now every time I see him, it’s like we’re fast friends because I was there in one of the most pivotal moments in his life.

“When Sammi first suggested that we have a birth photographer, at first I was incredulous.” says Anthony. “The idea of letting a stranger into such a private and important moment seemed unnecessary, and it also felt a little hurtful. I saw the role of the Dad during birth, or at least one of the roles, as capturing those first moments. Once I saw how much I had to focus entirely on Sammi and the process and how distracting it would have been to worry about things like photographs, I knew we’d made the right decision. Of course the idea that I could have done anywhere near as good a job as Kel is laughable too, but that was how I felt initially.”


Another dad, Richard was unsure if birth was the right place for photography at all. Another common concern.

“At first, I was totally taken aback as I saw the birthing process as both so intimate and also not photo-friendly in the slightest! In the end I was so happy we chose to do it! I could concentrate on being a support person instead of taking amateur shaky iPhone pics and missing ‘being in the moment’. It also allowed my wife to see the process in the way I saw it, a beautiful and yet dramatic wonderful journey.”

I can absolutely understand that birth photography is not for everyone, but I feel it’s such a shame when just one half of a couple is keen to document the momentous occasion that is birth and you can’t proceed as everyone isn’t onboard.

If you or your partner are unsure if birth photography is right for you, then let’s have a conversation. Talking through the misconceptions, sharing previous stories about birth’s and getting to know each other typically goes a long way to helping get everyone interested.

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