Featured Birth

August 2019

Hannah and Charlie were over the moon on finding out Hannah was pregnant but for Hannah it held a more special meaning.

With Hannah’s Dad being ill, it was especially important to Hannah that he get a chance to meet his grandchild.

While little Harvey was presented to pleased as punch parents Hannah and Charlie after a planned cesearean section, the first thing Hannah wanted to do after getting time to hold little Harvey in recovery was to contact her Dad via FaceTime and show him off. The wonders of modern technology bringing us all closer, just amazing.

A Planned Cesearean

Hannah’s obstetrician strongly recommended a planned cesearean and an early delivery due to low amniotic fluid, but thanks to the great relationship developed over multiple birth’s photographed, I was lucky enough to once again witness the wonder of cesearean surgery as Hannah and Charlie first met little Harvey.

First cuddles with Mum, and meeting Grandpa!

After skin-to-skin with Charlie, Harvey was finally reunited with Hannah for that beautiful first proper cuddle and the all important first feed. Once that was done, the first thing to do was FaceTime Hannah’s Dad and introduce little Harvey. The wonders of technology made a man in Singapore very happy that day let me tell you.

“That Harvey arrived in time to meet my Dad was the greatest gift possible.”

Harvey is just made for the camera

Creating an heirloom album of a pregnancy story is always amazing, but little Harvey is just made for the camera. The love just pours of of Mum and Dad and it really comes across on the pages.

The next chapter?

Harvey is nearly 8 months old now, and I can’t wait to see him again for his 12 month shoot. I’m sure he’ll just love his cake smash session. Who doesn’t love cake after all?