Being on the same page with your partner is vital to keeping your birth journey calm and heading in the positive direction you want it to. First time Dad, Richard, has kindly given us a glimpse in to his thoughts when Kelly Jordan Photography captured his daughter’s arrival.

First reaction to the words “birth photographer”?

At first, I was totally taken aback as I saw the birthing process as both so intimate and also not photo-friendly in the slightest!

What convinced you to go ahead with having a birth photographer?

Kelly showing us her previous birth photography work totally won me over. The sheer beauty of the photography, the sensitivity with which the images were taken and the capturing of the absolute joy and wonderment of the birthing process as told through still photography made me immediately lose all reservations. It became a must!

How did you feel during the labour/birth?

To be totally honest I didn’t even know she was there for most of the time. We kept the room very dim as per our birth plan, so I have no idea how she managed to capture such startlingly beautiful moments! Kelly is like a cat, you don’t see or hear her, but the images speak for themselves.

On seeing your finished photographs, what do you feel about the entire experience? 

I was so happy we chose to do it! I could concentrate on being a support person instead of taking amateur shaky iPhone pics and missing “being in the moment”. Having do all the hard work left me free to enjoy the entire journey. And once I saw them they bright back every memory of the best day of my life. It also allowed my wife to see the process in the way I saw it, a beautiful and yet dramatic wonderful journey. We look at the beautiful album Kelly created for us on a weekly basis, and we chuckle at some of the pics, marvel at the honest beauty of others. And nothing will ever take the place of that very moment when Kelly perfectly captured Sarah Jane delivering Mia Grace herself once Dr Steinberg had delivered her head and shoulders. Truly magical!


Thanks to Richard for his insight into this emotional event! Your birth journey is your choice, and having a photographer will never be one choice you’d regret. Contact us to discuss capturing your birth journey.

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