You want who at your birth?

Every birth and every pregnancy is different but there are definitely a number of question which are repeated by most mum’s-to-be I speak to who are considering birth photography, but the main on is “what do I need to consider?”

Having been through many birth photography sessions and seen a huge number of couples, I’ll list below what I consider to be the holy trinity of questions for those considering birth photography.

  1. Is my partner okay with birth photography? It’s veery important to make sure you are both on the same page with birth photography. Showing your partner beautiful photography and reassuring them that the photographer is a fly on the wall and absolutely non-intrusive can go a long way.
  2. Is my ostetrician/hospital/doula willing to accept a birth photographer? Not all obstetricians/hospitals/doulas are okay with having a birth photographer present. Most are, however some have had bad experiences with amateur photographers. Typically saying you are working with Kelly Jordan Photography goes a long way, but some may need some convincing that we will be in now way a distraction in the safe delivery of your little one. In this case, give us a call and we can usually help out.
  3. What should I expect during birth photography? Each and everyone of my clients remarks on seeing their photography that they had no idea I was even in the room (trust me, your attention will be elsewhere). Our job is to stay out of the way and capture the event. you and your family are the star of the show. As for what to expect from you beautiful photography, I believe our gallery is the best way to explain that. Click here to see our work.


Beyond questions though, it’s important that our clients understand the process which will be followed leading up to the big day. The two most important elements are:

  • Make sure you share your due date with us. We will be on call from 37 weeks until your little one’s birthday, but due dates can change as you get regular check-ups towards the end of your pregnancy. Make sure you keep us informed.
  • Once labour starts, send us a text message to let us know it’s happening. Once you are nearing to point of heading to the hospital, or your doula has arrived for your home-birth, this is the time to give us a call and we will arrive to ensure we capture everything. From that point on, we’ll stick around until the job is done.


The bottom line is that every birth is different. The above are great guidelines, but are in no way are they a substitute for a conversation. Give us a call, we’d love to hear about your upcoming birth and to have a chat in more detail about what you can expect and how we can help.